Hi! I'm Jenna.

First and foremost, I'm a sucker for love, romance and anything even remotely related–including rom-coms, cheesy date nights, sappy proposal stories, etc. I've never attended a wedding that I didn't cry at, love songs bring tears to my eyes and I could watch 50 First Dates on repeat. I just love, love and am a hopeless romantic with an obsession for capturing love stories!

more about me
Wedding, Elopement & Lifestyle Photographer

For the lovers, mothers & adventurers

My approach is to tell your story through the art of photography in a more honest, genuine manner. My work goes beyond a posed session to capture your tears of joy, laugh lines and real, unscripted love.

So, why hire a professional photographer?

These moments we're living in pass by too quickly.

We all know it to be true: time flies. You spent 12 months planning your dream wedding and suddenly, it's over. You spent 9 months growing a child inside of your body and suddenly, they're graduating. After everything is said and done, what is left? Hiring a professional photographer allows you to capture a moment in time that is otherwise gone and preserves your favorite memories at whatever milestone you're living through. The ability to relive and reminisce for the rest of your lives is priceless.